Personal Laboratory

During my undergraduate study I decided to build my own electronic laboratory to start doing some cool projects at home. I started by buying basic tools and ICs. Here is a picture of my Lab:


I bought couple of microcontrollers (Atmel AVR 8-bit, 32-bit,…) and then I realized I need a microcontroller programmer to program them! 🙂 I was so enthusiastic to build it myself. I searched the web and finally found a project for building one ( Here is the schematic of this microcontroller programmer:

Screen Shot 2016-07-16 at 4.35.25 PM

First step was to learn how to build the actual circuit board. I designed the circuit board using a software called Altium Designer and then sent it out to a company to produce the board. Here are the pictures of the board:


And here are the pictures of the manufactured board:


Next, I needed to assemble different parts according to the schematic. After doing so:



Now, the only problem was that I needed to program the onboard Atmega88 microcontroller which was ironic because I was building a programmer itself 🙂 Using the one at the university, finally I had a USBasp (microcontoller programmer for Atmel AVR controllers).


Source for the Schematic

My Altium Designer Project


Special thanks to my dear friend (Mohammad Reza Abedini) who helped me in this project and to my lovely sister (Maryam Riazi) for taking the pictures of different steps.